Skin CareAcupuncture can treat skin problems. Below are example skin issues and their basic diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. From a diagnosis a treatment principle can be made followed by a treatment plan including relevant acupuncture points.

  1. Dry Skin: blood deficiency
  2. Pitting Edema (Water Edema): kidney yang deficiency (in the ankles); lung, spleen and kidney deficiency
  3. Non-Pitting Edema (Qi Edema): damp or phlegm accumulation or qi deficiency of spleen or lung
  4. Bright Yellow Skin: damp heat, yang jaundice
  5. Pale or Dull Yellow: damp heat, yin jaundice
  6. Withered Skin: deficiency of fluids, blood or qi deficiency
  7. Bluish Skin: cold
  8. Red Macules: heat in yin or blood level or toxic heat
  9. Purple Macules: heat in blood with stasis or toxin heat
  10. Black Macules: severe blood heat
  11. Eczema: usually a combination of damp heat and wind; maybe underlining blood deficiency
  12. Psoriasis: blood heat, damp heat, blood deficiency, toxic heat, liver and kidney yin deficiency, blood stasis
  13. Acne: almost all acne will be heat in an organ, blood heat, damp heat or toxic heat
  14. Tinea: wind heat, damp heat or toxic heat
  15. Red with Pus or Yellow Discharge: damp heat
  16. Red Only: heat or blood heat
  17. Itching: wind

Keep in mind, other skin patterns are not listed here. For more information on skin care and how acupuncture can help you, contact Qi Spot.